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Deliverance International specifically teaches, trains, and dialogues with those who know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, and are committed to the work of the Kingdom of God.
Knowing Jesus Christ is a necessary precondition; personally knowing Jesus as Saviour is an absolute requirement; knowing Jesus as Lord is a stipulated qualification; and being committed to the work of the Kingdom of God is the operating principle for this course…this discourse.

Knowledge is enticing…and much of the spirit realm is intoxicating. Eve was enticed and deceived on the basis of knowing (Gen.3:5-6). By contrast, in Christ Jesus, we are to be filled with the knowledge of His Will (Col. 1:10). As to intoxication, we are to be filled with the Spirit Eph.5:18, as opposed to being drawn away by intoxicating spirits (Acts 2:15 & 17; I Corinthians 12:2).

It is what God says it is.

Deliverance International online teachings exists so that those who are seers can learn how to walk in their office and live out their call for the increase of the Kingdom Of God. Those who are not seers can learn the blessing and benefits of seers in the church today. For both tenets, it is essential to understand that a seer sees and then to operate at the core of our being, in concert with God and His church.

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