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Teachings & Sermons

Deliverance International specifically teaches, trains, and dialogues with those who know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, and are committed to the work of the Kingdom of God. Knowing Jesus Christ is a necessary precondition; personally knowing Jesus as Saviour is an absolute requirement; knowing Jesus as Lord is a stipulated qualification; and being committed to the work
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The H. O. P. E. Model

The Purpose of Deliverance International Inc is to serve God in the promotion of The Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in principle and practice into all areas of life and society; To inspire and mentor, teach and train, equip and empower individuals, families and communities to exemplify and carry The Gospel Of Jesus Christ in principle
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Daily Inspirations

Daily Inspirations by Rev. Holmes Know someone who can use a daily inspiration? Rev. Homes, the Pastor of Deliverance International, sends out words of hope and encouragement to those who can use inspiration in their day. ~ Daily Inspirations by Rev. K. E. Holmes | Words of wisdom, words of hope. ~ Rev. Holmes nurtures and mentors with a ministry
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Walk in Who You Are

Do you know your Kingdom assignment(s)? Are you agreeing with Heaven? Are you seeking God regarding the true meaning of a series of visions or dreams? Do you need to be refreshed and encouraged in the biblical use of your talents and gifts? Deliverance International is a ministry with a global scope and heart for the Kingdom of God with
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